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Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Survival Knots To Use In An Emergency Situation



Knowing how to tie knots securely is a must for you to know in any emergency situation. These 5 knots are the most important in a survival situation.

"Knot-tying is an essential skill that any prepper or survivalist should master, with no exception. After all, having rope or a paracord with you is of no use if you can’t tie a proper knot. And I’m not talking about the knots we were taught as kids, when we were trying to tie our shoes. There are hundreds of knots and each one is useful in a specific situation; but there are 5 particular knots that will help you most in a survival situation."

#1: Figure Eight On a Bight Knot

#2: Figure Eight Follow Through Knot

#3: Two Half Hitches

#4: Overhand Knot (aka Transport Knot/Mule Knot)

#5: The Bowline

You will need to prepare yourself and your family with skills and knowledge for any emergency sitiuation.

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