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Homeowners, contractors and interior designers looking for green, healthy, and sustainable products. Not only do we have the knowledge of these products, but also the experience of the best ways to install them. Concerns for health, environmental impact, and sustainability are what we are all about. We can find the right products for your project. We have environmental equipment consultants available to answer questions.

Within a healthy home, we want to maintain a healthy body by using natural, organic cosmetics and hair color. We have chosen to carry Logona products, made in Germany, which has won many international awards for purity.



Berkey Base Without Lights For Berkey Light, Travel Berkey, Berkey Light Systems

EMERGENCY WATER – Included in Berkey Light System PREPAREDNESS – Elevates systems to fill containers DISASTER - The height of the Berkey Base is 5.125" and the diameter is 8.625"
Price :
$29.00 excl tax

Product Description

  • Berkey Base is designed to fit under the Travel Berkey system,Big Berkey system, and Berkey Light systems (comes standard with Berkey Light system)
  • The base elevates the system, enabling the containers to fit under the spigot
  • Allows these systems to be placed anywhere on a flat surface and eliminates the need for system to be placed on edge of table or counter
  • The height of the Berkey Base is 5.125" and the diameter is 8.625"
  • Made of a durable non-BPA copolyester
  • The 5" tall Berkey Base is available in two versions:
    • Without Lights
    • With Bright White LED Lights
  • The lighted LED Base makes the perfect night-light, emergency light or camping light
  • The lighted LED Base comes complete with batteries and an AC adapter

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