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03 March, 2017

10 Ways That Indoor Air Purifiers Work To Remove Gases

Recently, I considered moving my bed to the basement. I have a nice basement with two bedrooms and a full bath.  However, the natural gas furnace is in the basement and the combustion gases can have detrimental health effects.

Older furnaces have only one pipe that draws outside air into the combustion chamber. Then the combustion materials from the flame exhaust into the surrounding indoor air, contributing to asthma, allergies, and mold growth in the home and lungs.

Newer, energy efficient furnaces have two pipes: One for air intake and the other for exhaust. If you can see the pilot light and/or have air vents in the body of the furnace, it exhausts combustion gases into the air that you breathe.

When people tell me that they have more health problems from October through April - the heating season - then I believe they have a natural gas furnace or other natural gas appliances that are exhausting into their homes. During the cold months, the doors and windows are closed and more combustion materials are inhaled. One of the worst offenders is a gas log fireplace!

In the United Kingdom, rural citizens traditionally have had fireplaces, wood stoves, peat burning stoves or other such sources of indoor heat. City residents have likely had hot water heat. With a hot water system, a boiler heats water that passes through pipes and radiators. The boiler is kept in a closed utility area or basement.

A few years ago, their government considered providing natural gas so residents could have forced air central heating, where the air is heated and blown through the house via ducts. An investigation was done, however, that left them unenthusiastic about the idea.

The study found that residents of homes with forced air, natural gas heat had more asthma, bronchitis, mold and fungus issues!

An article provided by Iowa State University, entitled Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Unvented Gas Space Heating Appliances says, "Approximately 9.6% of the heating energy available in gas comes from burning the hydrogen which produces water vapor...the water vapor condenses on room surfaces, which increases the potential for wood rot, peeling paint, plaster failure, and mold growth." T.H. Greiner, PhD, P.E., Extension Agricultural Engineer, September, 1998

The above-mentioned article is focused on unvented heaters, but the British Study found a similar result with force air, natural gas furnaces, particularly, those that have only air intake but do no exhaust to the outdoors.

In order to enjoy the benefits of your forced air, natural gas furnace without the detrimental effects, you can purchase the Austin Air Purifier.

There are air purifiers, then there are AIR PURIFIERS!

What do I mean by that? Most air purifiers are very helpful to pick up pet hair, dust particles and many things that float around in the air, thus preventing you from breathing them. But those air purifiers don't necessarily remove molds (which are very, very small), and GASES!

So, click the link that says Austin Air Purifiers and it will take you to our Austin Air Landing Page where you can read all the details about the purifier that removes air pollutants and reduces asthma, bronchitis and, even snoring!


Benefits include:

  1. Sounder Sleep
  2. Reduced Snoring
  3. Reduced Sneezing
  4. Reduced Allergies
  5. Reduced Asthma Attacks
  6. Reduced Coughing and Wheezing
  7. Reduced Dry Mouth and Runny Nose
  8. Strengthens Immune System
  9. Removes Viruses and Bacteria
  10. Removes Air Particles

So, with an Austin Air Purifier, a person could have their bedroom anywhere they want, trusting that they would be protected from the combustion gases (volatile organic compounds) that otherwise would be unhealthy.)






11 May, 2016

You need a Legacy Bug Out Bag!

Check out our Basic Bug Out Bag

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28 March, 2016

13 Items A New Prepper Needs For Survival

This list includes some of the most important survival items a new prepper needs to be ready for any natural or man made disaster.

1. Medical trauma kit

2. Water

3. Long term food storage

4. Supplies to cook food

5. Lighters

6. 12 Gauge pump shotgun

7. LED lanterns or kerosene lanterns - rechargeable and actual batteries

8. NOAA weather radio - solar

9. Multi tool - Leatherman

10. Sleeping bags that will keep you warm at the lowest temperature in your area

11. Space heater

12. Fire extinguisher

13. Toilet in a bucket

These items are what a prepper needs to get ready for an emergency situation.





25 March, 2016

Top 10 Prepper Apps To Help You Be Prepared

 Learn how to be a prepper with these 10 apps.  Help you and your family survive during a surival situation.

"In fact now that I think about it, there are certain prepper apps I use today that I am going to seriously miss when they’re gone, highlighting our need to prepare ‘techno free’ methods of achieving the same tasks these apps perform in their absence." 

These 10 apps will teach you disaster preparedness. Also be ready when they are turned off.

SAS Urban Survival – Prepper App

Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide – Prepper App

Land Nav Assistant – Prepper App

Knots 3D – Prepper App

Wild Edibles – Prepper App

Smart Tools – Prepper App

Bullet Flight by Knight’s Armament – Prepper App

Huntstand Pro – Prepper App

Elite Military Mountaineering – Prepper App

Freshbox – Prepper App

Learn more about being a prepper at:

24 March, 2016

5 Survival Knots To Use In An Emergency Situation



Knowing how to tie knots securely is a must for you to know in any emergency situation. These 5 knots are the most important in a survival situation.

"Knot-tying is an essential skill that any prepper or survivalist should master, with no exception. After all, having rope or a paracord with you is of no use if you can’t tie a proper knot. And I’m not talking about the knots we were taught as kids, when we were trying to tie our shoes. There are hundreds of knots and each one is useful in a specific situation; but there are 5 particular knots that will help you most in a survival situation."

#1: Figure Eight On a Bight Knot

#2: Figure Eight Follow Through Knot

#3: Two Half Hitches

#4: Overhand Knot (aka Transport Knot/Mule Knot)

#5: The Bowline

You will need to prepare yourself and your family with skills and knowledge for any emergency sitiuation.

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21 March, 2016

44 Prepper Lingo Terms You Need To Know


SHTF survival gear

"Especially for newbie but also for veteran preppers alike, the multitude of prepper jargon used in the prepper world can be confusing"

Especially for newbie but also veteran preppers alike, the multitude of jargon used in the prepper community can be confusing.

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The compiled a list of the commonly used terms, abreviations and acronyms.

72-hour kit

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72-hour kit
ALICE pack
AR-15 Cleaning
Bugging Out
Bugging in
Carrington Event
Faraday Case
Ham Radio
Junk Silver
Multi Tool
Peak Oil
Golden horde
90% Silver

This is a list you may need to look up how to be better prepared for survival if something happens in the future.  This list will help you to find sources for survival and ways to survive and thrive in an emergency situation.

For the complete definitions and what they stand for go to:



09 March, 2016

Flood advisory issued for parts of North Bay

The first of two strong storm systems is now hitting the Bay Area. Periods of heavy downpours, flooding and strong winds are expected over the next couple of days. A flood advisory has been issued for parts of Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties until 11:30 a.m. A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for the entire Bay Area until 6 p.m. Sunday.

Be prepared for an emergency situation.  Make sure you have an easy to use survival kit.

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29 December, 2015

El Nino weather 'could be as bad as 1998', says Nasa

The US space agency Nasa has warned that the effects of the current El Nino weather phenomenon could be as bad as those of 1998, the strongest on record.

Don't be caught unprepared. This is the first time in history that I have seen the police on television telling people the list of items to keep in their homes and cars.  Do you have an auto emergency kit in your car? Do you have a 3 day supply kit in your home?

Uncertain weather conditions are on the horizon. Be prepared.

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