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Friday, March 25, 2016

Top 10 Prepper Apps To Help You Be Prepared

 Learn how to be a prepper with these 10 apps.  Help you and your family survive during a surival situation.

"In fact now that I think about it, there are certain prepper apps I use today that I am going to seriously miss when they’re gone, highlighting our need to prepare ‘techno free’ methods of achieving the same tasks these apps perform in their absence." 

These 10 apps will teach you disaster preparedness. Also be ready when they are turned off.

SAS Urban Survival – Prepper App

Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide – Prepper App

Land Nav Assistant – Prepper App

Knots 3D – Prepper App

Wild Edibles – Prepper App

Smart Tools – Prepper App

Bullet Flight by Knight’s Armament – Prepper App

Huntstand Pro – Prepper App

Elite Military Mountaineering – Prepper App

Freshbox – Prepper App

Learn more about being a prepper at:

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